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Knowledge sharing. Directed movement. Esoteric Ruler - Venus. Mantram: I recognise my other self, and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow. The Desired result of Gemini: Through the airy Gemini ability to search and blend, the necessary adjustment of contrast can be understood. This leads to the development of skills which enable harmonious links between humans; of seeing the internal order which exists within the chaos of Human life and understanding the Human drive for connection. Waters of the womb. Emotional connection to form.

Exoteric Ruler - Moon. Mantram: Let isolation be the rule and yet the crowd exists. Universal mother. Waters of the Universe. Identifies with the Whole. LEO represents the consciousness of creation. The Drive to be Seen. Instinctual Will. Birth of individuality.

Jacinda Ardern - an Esoteric Astrology Soul-Personality Profile.

Exoteric Ruler - Sun. The Drive for Self-mastery. Right use of Will. Awareness of individuality. Source of light. Esoteric Ruler - Sun. Mantram: I am That and That am I. The Desired result of Leo: Through the fiery Leo process of self-creativity, the personal task of radiating powerful and creative inspiration is activated. Then, via the enlightenment principle symbolized by the Sun, an individual recognises that the principle of life existing within Human physical form is an extension of Universal creativity.

Practical builder. Trapped by form. The Drive to serve. Healer of form. Serving others. Co-creator of form. Order out of physical chaos. The Desired result of Virgo: Through earthy Virgo practicality, the process of building a purposeful result is undertaken. Then, via the nurturing principle symbolized by the Moon, an individual supports the needed practical discrimination, effort, and wholeness that ensure the creation of ideal form. This leads to an understanding of practical truth; of the needed order and structure which allows wholesome activity to function within Humanity.

Myself Vs Others.


The Drive to Dominate. Mantram: Let choice be made. Perfected balance. The One Humanity. The Drive to Mediate. Esoteric Ruler - Uranus. Mantram: I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force. The Desired result of Libra: Through the airy Libra process of harmoniously relating develops an ability to see that differing components need to be considered before any choice of action is undertaken. Then, via the inspiration principle symbolized by Uranus, an individual is able to see how a balanced integration of the old with the new is possible.

Selfish desire. The Drive to destruct. Selfless desire. The Drive to transform. Esoteric Ruler - Mars. The Desired result of Scorpio: Through the watery Scorpio process of intense, deep penetration develops an ability to connect with the truth of a matter. Then, via courage and determination symbolized by Mars, an individual is able to undertake beneficial action which facilitates the purification of form. This leads to a greater insight necessary for creative Humanitarian development; of being able to stimulate the purification of desire which ensures Human growth.

The jungle. Self-centred experiences. Desire dominating mind. Exoteric Ruler - Jupiter. Mantram: Let food be sought. The Drive to envision. The Path. The goal of experience. Esoteric Ruler - Earth. Mantram: I see a goal. I reach that goal and see another. This leads to the provision of the knowledge and direction which enables Humanitarian development to expand; of the practical implementation of action towards a goal. The Drive to achieve. User of resources. Exoteric Ruler - Saturn. Mantram: Let ambition rule and the door stand wide.


The Drive towards culmination. Creator of result. Creating structure. Esoteric Ruler - Saturn. The Desired result of Capricorn: Through the earthy Capricorn process of responsible utilization of resources, result is achieved. This leads to having the wisdom that enables the harnessing of creative potential; of recognizing the implications upon Humanity if the lessons learnt from experience are not adhered to. The Drive towards egocentricity. Mantram: Let desire in form be ruler. Cause oriented. Esoteric Ruler - Jupiter. Mantram: Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.

Then, via the expansive influence symbolized by Jupiter, an individual is drawn towards supporting new ideas which have an expansive and beneficial influence upon Humanity. This leads to the gaining of insight about the wider scope of Human necessity; of being supportive of collective networking so that new ideas can be implemented within the Human Race.

Crucified life. Mantram: Go forth into matter. Resurrected life. Esoteric Ruler - Pluto. Exoterically - The fulfilment of emotional desire is served by being creative and surrounding self with objects that satisfy self-interest. Esoterically - Having worked with an instinctual skill to create form, the ability to creative can now influence others in their creative development of form. Exoterically - The fulfilment of emotional desire is served by being involved with a variety of interests and by mixing with a variety of people.

Esoterically - Having worked with an instinctual skill to understand ideas, and share them with others, the ability to communicate understanding can now benefit the knowledge gathering of others. Exoterically - The fulfilment of emotional desire is served by protecting and nurturing family members or other close relationships. Esoterically - Having worked with an instinctual skill to nurture and nourish others, the ability to support and share resources with others can now function to assist others in the gaining of security. Esoterically - Having worked with an instinctual skill for tapping into personal talents, the ability to develop creative talent can now work to stimulate the talents of others.

Exoterically - The fulfilment of emotional desire is served by gathering resources and working with them to produce a practical result. Exoterically - The fulfilment of emotional desire is served by forming co-operative partnerships with other people. Esoterically - Having worked with an instinctual skill to co-join people, the ability to activate harmony in relationships can now work to help the better connections of others. Exoterically - The fulfilment of emotional desire is served by having power over objects of desire.

Exoterically - The fulfilment of emotional desire is served by undertaking activity that supports the aspiration and attainment of personal goals. Esoterically - Having worked with an instinctual skill to strive and attain goals, the ability to motivate and inspire can now work to guide others in the attaining of goals. Exoterically - The fulfilment of emotional desire is served by controlling surrounding objects and people in order to gain personal benefit. Esoterically - Having worked with an instinctual skill for avoiding engagement with Earth-bound insensitivities, the ability to recognise structures that prevent loving interplay between people can now help to enable their removal.

Exoterically Aries indicates the drive to express ideas into the world. The individual can be seen as courageous, eager, and sometimes foolhardy, as well as someone who willingly stands up for their own or other people's causes. The individual works with intuitively based response as ideas are penetrated into form. An individual enables opportunity for the initiation of ideas that support Human collective good. Exoterically Taurus indicates the drive to manifest and possess physical objects. The individual is seen as reliable, being guided by a strong sense of caution, which leads to a reluctance to try new things.

An underlying determination, or strong will, drives them to maintain a hold on what they surround themselves with in life. An individual enables opportunity that frees people from their sub-conscious attachment to the material aspect of Human life.

Esoteric Astrology and the Purpose of the Soul

Esoterically , the action of establishing foundations, which supports the sharing of resources with others, is enabled. The individual recognizes that it is Universal consciousness or spirit that surrounds and supports life all of the time. An individual enables opportunity for support systems to be developed as they work to establish tasks that facilitate a more cohesive Human Family.

Along with the need for fun, an individual can appear to possess a childlike craving, which requires a very high approval rate from people around them. The creative development of physical attractiveness is seen as necessary to secure the love that is perceived to be needed from another. Esoterically ,the development of a self-consciousness, which uses love to creatively interact with all coming into contact with, is enabled. Growth towards an evolved sense of self-love and individuality, which functions within the group, now serves to inspire others.

VIRGO rising. Exoterically Virgo indicates the drive to ensure that there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place. The individual appears to need to work towards producing practical results, having a strong resourcefulness for recognizing solutions for problems. The practical purpose of some physical form, which is required in the aim of Service to Humanity, is able to be recognized. Exoterically Libra indicates the drive to obtain harmony and peace. It represents the ability to see both sides of a situation and work towards ensuring the co-operation of others.

The individual can be seen to compromise their individuality in order to please others. Esoterically , the balance that follows the development of harmonious co-operation and fluid interchange is enabled. The individual becomes aware of the importance of relationship on all levels. The need for right values, good judgement, and ethical laws, so that collective activity can function harmoniously, is understood.

An individual enables opportunity for balanced perspectives to be established in relationships. Exoterically Scorpio indicates the drive to face conflict in order to have personal desire fulfilled.

Sun enters Scorpio

It represents the ability to oppose any undesirable action that stands in the way of an outcome. The individual is seen as able to recognise the strengths and weaknesses that surround them, choosing easily to take advantage of them in order to achieve a personally desire. Esoterically , an ability to promote the necessary refinement or change for a task to proceed is enabled.

The individual works to promote the healing or a rebirth of attitudes that stand in the way of collective progress. An individual enables opportunity for the development of new understandings and attitudes that empower positive Humanitarian growth. Exoterically Sagittarius indicates the drive to undertake action that facilitates expansion towards new horizons. It represents the ability to avoid physical and mental limitations.

The individual is seen to undertake action that maintains their personal freedom as they pursue personal goal after personal goal. Esoterically , the development of aspiration, which relates to a more expansive reality that is based upon the ability of conscious direction in life, is enabled. The individual has accumulated knowledge and experience that works to support others in quests of collective purpose.

An individual enables opportunity for the development of one-pointed focus, which incorporates the knowledge-infused steps that work to support the attainment of greater collective goals. Exoterically Capricorn indicates the drive to produce controlled, ordered activity. It represents the ability to structure and organise effort consistently. The individual is seen as fearful and serious, not taking life lightly. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and work with the need to act responsibly, which impacts upon any action they take.

An individual enables opportunity for the development of practical and responsible effort, which works to support beneficial Humanitarian schemes. It represents an ability to express individuality in unusual ways. On the surface this might seem like a good thing. Having idealistic standards to strive for and moral codes to live by can only improve our lives, right?

Yet that has been the story of human history from the onset.

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Mental concepts taken to extremes become dogma, and there is a fine line between philosophy and dogma. Stripped, naked, natural, he is what he is. This is a matter of being, and not of becoming. When our Sagittarian friend becomes fearful, he clings to his mental concepts, has difficulty distinguishing personal opinion from truth, and may cling to dogma from a false sense of security.

The highest wisdom that Sagittarius truly seeks is beyond words, language, and mental concepts. The universe has the power to create mountains, move oceans, grow rainforests, and fill them with a myriad of living beings, while simultaneously keeping the solar system orbiting around the Sun and maintaining the delicate inner workings of a human body, from digesting your food to making sure the oxygen levels in your cells are in perfect balance — all in silence and all without a single philosophy, moral code, or standard about how things ought to be done.

The real power of Sagittarius comes when he realizes self-mastery, which begins with mastering his own thoughts and actions. When the Archer turns his arrow inward, he focuses on the correct goal, the journey to seek his true nature. Our true nature as human beings lies well beyond our capacity for thought and is discovered through direct perception.

It is the difference between experiencing ice cream and thinking about ice cream! Through deeper meditative or spiritual practices Sagittarius begins to realize his deep connection with life itself. Feeling the pulse of life force energy surging through his veins, and when his busy mind becomes quiet, our Sagittarius friend wakes up to the realization that he is one with the very life force that is moving planets and creating universes.

Through direct perception, he realizes that these universal forces are running through him and that he and the universe are one and the same. Through his own expanded perception and awareness, he arrives at the ultimate goal. Through meditative practices, the everyday mind is transcended, and the true nature of our clear light mind can be accessed. It is said that all wisdom can be known at this point, but it is not what we would normally think of as knowledge.

It is not information. It is through direct perception and resting in clear awareness that such wisdom is known. Once there has even been a glimpse of recognition of the clear-light wisdom that lies beyond the chatter of our everyday mind, we have identified the true goal. This is the highest wisdom and deeper spiritual truth that our Sagittarian friends really seek.

Through deeper contemplative practices, it is possible to abide continuously in this awareness, and by doing so, ever-deeper insights into the true nature of the universe will arise. We may realize that our awareness and the awareness of the universe are one and the same, and that the nature of the universe is awareness itself.

Sagittarius 2017: Hollywood. Inquisitions in History. Leonardo da Vinci: Sagittarius Rising

In Tibetan Buddhism, this is said to be the ultimate wisdom. To attain this highest of goals, you first need to transcend your own fear-based reactions, which may cause you to cling to opinions and manmade dogma as though they were spiritual truth. When you are free of such manmade concepts and self-imposed dogma, you are truly liberated.

This is achieved by going deeper within on your own journey of self-exploration, where you realize your true power, recognize your true nature as oneness with all that is, and have access to the ultimate wisdom of the universe! Karen MacKenzie is working on a series of astrology inspired paintings using goddesses from different cultures. For more information about the symbolism in this print and to view other works in her ongoing series, check out her website, Karen MacKenzie Art.